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i knew there was a strange turning point, about four years ago, when a girl came up to me at an in-store appearance at a record shop (i think it was in seattle) and waited for an hour to talk to me. when she finally got to me she told me that she didn’t listen to my music, but she loved my blog. i didn’t know whether to be flattered or suicidally depressed. my first thought was” “didn’t my blogging make her want to hear my songs?” and my second thought was “maybe she TRIED and she HATED my songs” and my third thought was “whatever. she’s reading my blog and she likes me. ultimately, mission accomplished. all i really want is for people to like me, anyway”. honestly wins the day. chalk up one more point for amanda palmer, professional narcissist, medium irrelevant.

Because “Medium Irrelevant” is so much nicer than “Transmedia”


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    They are too adorable to handle.
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    m_o_b24: My life is boring. i would love to do something big, real, and different. i want/need new music to listen to....
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  6. mimetalk said: I think art is anything that can be appreciated by someone else. Blogging and tweeting are no different than books or paintings or music in the sense that people can still feel you. Human interaction by means of a third party. Loving anonymous.
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    Because “Medium Irrelevant” is so much nicer than “Transmedia”
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  9. yanguang said: Indeed. Writing is a form of self-expression, and while the end product is an experience to the reader, it is a privilege to witness the consciousness inherent within the work, not an entitlement. You cannot force the hand that writes.
  10. pip-23 said: I am more a fan of your blogging, tweeting, lifestyle than your music. But your music drives the bus, so please keep doing it all! Someday I’ll let my guard down and let you inspire me, but I’m not ready. You rule.
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    This blog post is brimful with stuff I want to write about.
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    @amandapalmer posted a really awesome (and rambly) blog about writing, music, and the way different forms of creativity...
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