1. Look at me, at my blog, at my life and work and self-identity, and it may surprise you to learn that I feel like a fake geek. It’s because I have something to hide. I liked a lot of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull — I almost certainly liked it more than many geeks or nerds will say they did — and you know what? Fuck you for making me feel bad about it.

    This isn’t about seriously disavowing serious topics for serious reasons. This about denying the existence of sequels you didn’t like. This is about the ultimate dismissal of an artist’s work because you don’t want to process it. Vanity. Pretend a food doesn’t exist because you’re allergic — not because you don’t like it or don’t know how to chew it.

    This is like saying “meh” on a grand scale. John Hodgman described meh as “the essence of blinkered Internet malcontentism. And a rejection of joy.” As Hodgman put it, “It’s part of the toxic Internet art of constant callous one upsmanship.”

    Denial is the supermeh.

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  2. You’re the best,
    you’re the one,
    your work shames all the rest,
    and we shall have no other fun.

  3. "Yet still the show takes the time to remind us that they love and are loved, that they want things we can understand or appreciate, that they are all fools like we are all fools."

    Why I dig Parks & Rec.

  4. On Meeting Famous People

    Today’s post is about trying to talk to people you admire.

    I mentioned a couple of friends we had in common, which is to say I dropped names like a dufus. By which I mean: I didn’t work them into the conversation so much as I opened my mouth and let them fall on the signing table like a slobbery dog toy.

  5. The greatest, most essential creation of fandom is fandom itself….
    Michael Chabon (via jefftidball)
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