1. "Roaming Free," by Chance Thomas, from the terrific musical score of Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan.

  2. Making it official: Will Hindmarch’s new role


    Will Hindmarch has been a part of Storium since its earliest days. He was one of my first allies on this project, back when this was all just a big idea and a very rough prototype, and he formally signed-on as our first advisor over a year ago.

    But for quite some time now, Will has been…

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  3. Designer diary: Imaginations at play


    In this post, lead designer and head writer Will Hindmarch shares his thoughts about why Storium is what it is, and what he hopes it might become. Meanwhile, our Kickstarter campaign is in its final hours — we would appreciate your support if you can lend it!

    We have a lot of ways to imagine and play. […]

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  4. Interview with a Storium playtester: Lillian Cohen-Moore


    Today, Storium press maestro Leonard Balsera talks with Lillian Cohen-Moore. As you’ll read below, Lily is one of Storium’s most prolific playtesters. She is a skilled journalist and writer, and her talent for storytelling shines through in her games. Lily is also one of the world creators for…

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  5. Game Story, Six Gilled Sharks and The Quest For the Narrative Fix-A-Flat


    Every couple of years, we get one of these. And by “these”, I mean “some distinguished gentleman from outside the game industry announces that games aren’t/can’t be art”, and everyone goes nuts as a result. A couple of years ago it was the late Roger Ebert, whose argument could largely be summed…

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  6. toughlovemuse:

    "Functionally, dialog-heavy extended gameplay monsters like Mass Effect bear the same relationship to visual storytelling games like Journey that a rhesus monkey does to a six-gilled shark: They’re related, if you go back far enough, and they share a few design basics, but their practical needs are very different."

    — Richard Dansky, speaking truth about Video Game Stories

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  7. And We’re Off! Storium Comes To Kickstarter


    We’ve just launched our Kickstarter campaign for Storium, the online storytelling game!

    image What’s Storium?

    Storium’s mission hasn’t changed since our original announcement — we are creating an online storytelling medium that plays like a game and lets busy people make storytelling a…

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  8. Kickstarter ahoy!


    Storium’s Kickstarter video shoot
    After over a year of development, playtesting, and planning,
    we’re finally ready to bring Storium to Kickstarter! We’ve submitted our campaign for approval and will be launching within days.

    The last few weeks have seen a flurry of activity over here at…
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  9. kevindart:

    The Creators Project did an in-depth interview with me and David O’Reilly about the development and production of our video games for “Her”! You can read it here.

    Above are two of my concept paintings for the “Perfect Mom” game!

    I loved this film and was delighted to see Kevin Dart’s art in it. (I’ve been inspired by Dart’s work for years and have used his illustrations as writing prompts in the past.) This a terrific look at the design of these elements.

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  10. protagonistlabs:

    After months of development, we’re pleased to announce that Storium Alpha 2 has just launched!

    image Alpha 2 is the latest playtest of Storium, the online storytelling game. It incorporates much of what we’ve learned from our prior playtest, and it’s a big change. Alpha 2 rethinks several of the game’s key mechanics, with the goal of making Storium faster, easier and more fun to play.

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