1. Bright autumn moon.
    Pond snails crying
    in the saucepan.
  2. That dog doesn’t drive,
    but, head out the window, he
    imagines he does.

  3. Twenty rambling kids
    came down like chattering birds
    on the Starbucks staff.

  4. The sound of reverse—
    tires spinning feckless on ice—
    started our snow day.

  5. The snow they foretold
    came—tiny icy blossoms—
    and, landing, vanished.

    Later it laid a blanket
    down in the back yard and slept.

  6. Come dusty and black
    out of a shivering night
    she mews for supper.

  7. The chill slips inside
    and wraps its hands ‘round my feet,
    then naps in my bed.

  8. The cold swallows up
    the cat. She’s missing all day.

  9. The people are warm
    inside Joe’s coffee. Me, too—
    inside my mocha.

  10. Winter’s here in bed
    wrapped around my feet, while you
    scratch inside the walls.

    (Day number corrected to account for error weeks ago.)


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