1. HER: “I like your house.”
    (We were mistaken for you.)
    US: “Thanks very much.”

  2. Shrill creaking hinges—
    the wind is at the front door
    and it wants inside.

  3. That cat’s eyes look high.
    Look at him—that cat would bark
    if only he could.

  4. Sleet is not dead rain,
    dead of exposure, falling
    frozen with rigor.

  5. Loud taqueria,
    winter night; I can’t hear you
    over this brisket.

  6. Little black birds fly
    onto the eaves, little leaves
    falling in reverse.

  7. Chicago’s orange
    patterns of light dye the clouds
    we pass through to land.

  8. Watch the years fall off
    the black Lab in the white snow
    ere her sight dwindles.

  9. Bobcat at the beach,
    washed by a green winter’s surf,
    half buried in sand.

  10. Leave this Southern cold
    for northern woods and clean snow—
    fly into Christmas Eve.

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