Skullkickers #30 Reviews | Zub Tales4

The 30th issue of Skullkickers, the sterling and charming and zany and action-packed comic from Jim Zub, came out while I was at Gen Con last week. I’ve seen it — it exists and is real and is very lovely to read and regard.

This issue presents my pulp sci-fi story, “The Sky Countess of Jupiter,” by the way. One reviewer said my story was a perfect fit for Jim Zub’s work, which is the highest praise I can imagine here.

Anyway, you should get this issue and then all of the Skullkickers trades as Jim Zub heads into the series’ homestretch.

“Yet all mystery resides there, in the margins, between life and death, childhood and adulthood, Newtonian and quantum, “serious” and “genre” literature. And it is from the confrontation with mystery that the truest stories have always drawn their power.”
Michael Chabon, Dust & Daemons, The New York Review of Books (March 25, 2004) (via Wikiquote)